Hi, I’m the Monja Maiden, Solamine! (You can call me Sol, or Maiden, or whatever you want, really.) You know those cooking blogs where you have to scroll down half the page reading through somebody’s life story before you get to the recipe? This isn’t that kind of blog. This is a blog about cooking without any of the frills. Comments will be primarily practical and informative, and if they’re long they will be located after the recipe proper. As a person who basically taught herself to cook through the internet I’ll also try my best to make cooking as accessible as possible to any new cooks out there. See the glossary for my growing list of common cooking terms or look toward the new kitchen section for how to get started setting up your kitchen for the first time. Feel free to comment with any request, suggestions, or concerns you might have. I will do my best to respond as quickly as possible.

I do not specifically cater to vegetarians, vegans, or any other special diets. I believe with enough creativity almost any recipe can be converted to fit your personal dietary restrictions, but I am not the person to do it. Having said that, I have a personal fondness for vegetarian meals (that is, meals that celebrate vegetables rather than meat dishes pretending to be vegetarian) and will mark any recipes I post that are specifically vegetarian.

This is dedicated to my friend avogadrosnumber, who likes cooking but doesn’t like looking for recipes.

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